August 10th

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August 1st

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June 19th

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Got three replies, one saying that’s not him and two do say it’s him. By looking at the tweets I highly doubt it’s the real Miguel. I doubt he has that much time on his hands to Twitter (these days especially), and the things that were tweeted are just kind of weird. Also, mostly small quizzes and old pics.

So don’t get fooled by the @veloso_miguel account on Twitter, guys and girls. It’s not him. It’s probably just someone who’s pretending to be him, an imposter. But you can always subscribe to his updates on Facebook, which is definitely his own official page.

EDIT: June 20th: Looks like the twitter account has been removed/banned from Twitter ;-)

- Your FYMV moderator, Ellen

June 18th

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Can anyone confirm if @veloso_miguel is the real Miguel Veloso on Twitter or not? If not, does he actually have a twitter account?

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June 17th

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Portugal 2-1 Netherlands